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Owners of the wonderful Honiahaka Northern Inuit dog,

Wolfalike dogs  and American Wolfdogs.

 Occasional breeders of Northern Inuit and wolfalike  dogs UK

Wolfy girls at Honiahaka

Welcome to our website, you have landed here because you are either looking into the breed, looking for reputable breeder or just love looking at pictures of beautiful wolfy dogs, If this is the case, you have come to the right place.  

Our home page is the place you will find any latest announcements and some of our favorite photos.

Check out the Nav bar on the right for a full list of what can be found on our website, don't forget to read our "about us" page where you will find an insight to us and our dogs, you will also be able to find out about each of our pack from there by clicking on their photos.

We hope you enjoy our website, its been added to over the last 15 years and is being updated so apologies if any pages are a bit out dated.

                                           Based in Essex/London UK

Interested in learning more about our dogs, then why not come along to one of the events we will be attending in 2021 and say hello. Check out the 2021 calendar section, or our news page.


Game of Thrones
Honiahaka Direwolves
Angel, Lupa, Kami, Hope
Photographer Barry Pickering

Kami, Lupa and Angel 

  • Angel and Kootz with Model Megan Biffin
    Angel and Kootz with Model Megan Biffin
  • Drake with Model Ben Davis
    Drake with Model Ben Davis
  • Beautiful composite of Mona
    Beautiful composite of Mona
  • Kootz with Modal Amy Gainsford
    Kootz with Modal Amy Gainsford
  • Ochi and Megan Biffin
    Ochi and Megan Biffin
  • Kootz
  • Our beautiful Dreamy Dream
    Our beautiful Dreamy Dream
  • Angel in a fantasy shoot
    Angel in a fantasy shoot
  • Kootzy Bear
    Kootzy Bear
  • Honiahaka Pup Amoura
    Honiahaka Pup Amoura
  • Honiahaka Inuits
    Honiahaka Inuits
  • Lola puppy
    Lola puppy
  • Megan and Kootz
    Megan and Kootz
  • Kootz and Ellie
    Kootz and Ellie
  • The Ancients  Lupa and Megan Biffin
    The Ancients Lupa and Megan Biffin
  • The Ancients, Kootz and Megan
    The Ancients, Kootz and Megan
  • Beautiful Kami
    Beautiful Kami
Angel and Kootz with Model Megan Biffin
Angel and Kootz with Model Megan Biffin

This is our main website which is being updated as i type, we also have a new website  being built .

You can also follow us on Facebook and Youtube and Instagram.


Salli Gainsford Photography

Models : Megan Biffin & Ben Davis

Wolfie Model : Lupa 

Dog Models  available for film work, music video's  photo shoots and meet and greets. Please email us for more information and  availability. 


Most of our Dogs now have there own pages so you can see each dogs  pedigree and watch them grow, I'm working on those who haven't I will try to update them as much as i can.

We hope you enjoy our website, we are open honest 

people, and we built this site from the heart. 

We like our puppies to go to loving forever homes with people who are happy to become part of a family, the kettle's always on and the dogs are always pleased to meet new people.

Most of our Northern Inuit dogs are registered with the 

Northern Inuit Society But future litters and out-crosses will be independently registered, or registered with the International 

Wolfalike Companion Registry. 

We adhere to a strict code of ethics and pride ourselves to be more cautious with our breeding program than most NI breeders.

Our dogs and the way they are brought up speak for themselves.

We are a Puppy culture breeder, click the link to see why its important to bring up puppies the correct way.